This 12-week program has been specifically designed to empower those who feel lost, confused or lack confidence in their purpose.


Learn to trust yourself and your intuition by breaking through your doubt, judgement, fears and challenges with this program.


Together we build the momentum, clarity and certainty you need to find your soul purpose while living in alignment with the universe.


What am I here to do?


What is my Soul Purpose?

Have you felt like you're here for much more? Like you're not living a life with what's truly aligned with your soul? or What's the bigger purpose of it all? What is my Soul Purpose? What am I here to do? We have all asked this question at one point or another in our lives.


If you've been feeling lost, confused, or struggling with doubt to know your Soul Purpose or how to activate it, then this is the programme for you. Many people have this misconception that their purpose will come to them, and like love at first sight, they'll 'just' know. I have met so many people who don't know that your Soul's Purpose is much deeper than what you do for your career. It's multifaceted, and it evolves with you, believe it or not!


This is why I created Finding Your Soul Purpose. A12-week fully immersive program has been specifically designed to empower those who feel lost, confused or lack confidence in their purpose. I have read for literally 15,000+ clients in just and day in & day out this was a common misunderstanding I saw with many clients. I wanted to create something where you could gain clarity in not only what you're here to do but who you are and how you uniquely are meant to pursue your particular soul purpose. No one is YOU, and that is your power! 


Living a life aligned with your soul purpose unlocks a life of ease and flow. It's not normal to struggle in life as much as many do. It is a common feeling that people can't quite comprehend, so I have taken it upon myself not just to talk and walk the walk but also to teach you how it's possible for everyone! Yes, even you! 

Your intuition led you here for a reason; sometimes, the sign is so obvious that we miss it even when it's staring at us straight in the face. You're here because you've felt the calling that there is more on some deeper level, and you're ready to live a life aligned with your Soul Purpose. Let's have fun while we remove that self-doubt and see what happens next!

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The Path

The Path
We take a deep dive into how you subconsciously prevent yourself from pursuing what you're here to do, becoming more self-aware of the stories or patterns you continue to repeat. We spend the first quarter of our time in a deep self-discovery phase. 

During the next quarter, we begin to redefine, realign and gather the tools & momentum to pursue your purpose. The universe also plays a big part here, where they step in to help you uncover your shadow work. Never heard of shadow work before? Read below to find out more.

From here we anchor your mission, your goals and discover how to truly manifest with the universe all while pursuing your soul purpose.

Before the program is complete, you will be able to define your driving forces, meet your spiritual team, learn and understand how the universe works with you and how you can best work with them while you implement your purpose.

Check out the Finding Your Soul Purpose Roadmap to see what past students have discovered and manifested during their time.
Class Schedule

Week 01: Sunday, 06 Mar

Week 02: Sunday, 13 Mar

Week 03: Sunday, 20 Mar

Week 04: Sunday, 27 Mar

Week 05: Sunday, 03 Apr

[Mid course break]

Week 06: Sunday, 17 Apr

Week 07: Sunday, 24 Apr

Week 08: Sunday, 01 May

Week 09: Sunday, 08 May

Week 10: Sunday, 15 May

Week 11: Sunday, 22 May

Week 12: Sunday, 29 May

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Zak, Founder of Pretty In Palms

The alchemy of Tui’s vibrant and warm personality paired with her passion and love for helping people made for an enlightening experience journeying through the finding your soul purpose course. 


Tui and this course granted me the opportunity to truly allow space to invest in myself and on completing the course I know that the tools and support that Tui gifted me during our time together has allowed me to move forward in the world with more confidence, awareness and an even higher appreciation of myself and the universe. 

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Kym, Auditor and Life Coach Trainee

I felt like I saw the negative in every situation instead of seeing the good, I had enormous self-doubt and feelings of not being good enough.


For me, FYSP allowed me to look at situations from a different angle and whilst it is never easy to look at your past hurts, or issues you have spent your life trying to avoid, the FYSP course let me do just that in a safe environment. 


With the ever-gentle protection of Tui as my guide, I learnt an enormous amount about myself, and I move forward post-course armed with new friends, angels, and positivity. 


Jace, IT Tech Support

I'm Jace, a quiet, shy, withdrawn, introverted person who only dreams for more. Or at least, I used to be, and then I started with Tui's program.


With her help and the support of everyone else in the group, too (everyone were such great supports for each other), I found my voice. Even met my partner halfway through the program.


I could only have dreamt of doing the things that I'm doing now, and I can only put it down to Tui's Finding Your Soul Purpose program.


I can't recommend her program highly enough. Seriously.

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Who's this is



People who:

- Are self centred

- Are expecting me to do the work for them or hand them all the answers

- Talk the talk and WON'T walk the walk

- Are not willing to show initiative

- Are not willing to take action

- Are not willing to surrender to growth,

compassion and curiosity

- Are not willing to contribute to the group

- Are not willing take on feedback

- Are not willing to dig deep and do the work to over come their challenges

Who's this for?


People who:

- Have the courage to take ACTION

- Have integrity and will honour their word

- Who want more and are willing to step up

- Are fully self-accountable

- Are kind hearted and open minded

- Are willing to be seen and vulnerable

- Are willing to have fun

- Are willing to share and communicate with others

- Gift themselves the permission to make mistakes

along the way

- Want to understand how the universe works with

them while manifesting their dreams and finding

their soul purpose.

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