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What to expect

Discovery Call

We start with a free 60 - 90 minute Discovery call on Zoom to help get a clearer idea of where you're feeling challenged and what you really want. The call also lets Tui get a sense of how she can give you even deeper support, and it gives you a sense of what coaching with Tui feels like, so you can decide if it's a good fit.

Once you've said Yes!

Once you've signed up to start coaching, you'll receive your Say Yes Journaling Questions - this acts as a snapshot, allowing you to see the contrast from the start of your journey to completing your program.

You'll also be emailed your contract and a questionnaire. The questions are designed to challenge you to uncover your innermost desires and become more apparent what you want from your life.

Complete Support

You have complete, undivided and judgement-free attention from Tui during the sessions. I provide a space for you to feel ultimately heard, understood and met, wherever you are on your life path. Throughout your coaching, you're also fully supported via email, Facebook, Instagram and, of course, my team. To help you continue implementing everything we've worked on together, you're supported with check-in emails for one month after our coaching sessions have ended.

Coaching Sessions

If you opt for the deluxe 1-on-1 package, you'll receive the group coaching PLUS work with me once a week for the duration of our program. Each following coaching session is 45 - 60 minutes via phone/Skype/Zoom.

Extra Support & Resources

Throughout our coaching, you will receive homework to complete after our group sessions. This is to supplement your learning & support you in diving deeper into your journey. Some weeks you will be given handouts that you can either print off or complete digitally in preparation for the next week. All of this information will be completely accessible in your personal members portal.

Next Intake & Structure

Welcome celebration with the class:    1 March 2022 at 7 pm AEST 


Start date:     6 March 2022 at 8 am AEST 

We have two types of group sessions that we conduct during the week:  

- One session focuses on course learning and content.

- The second session is devoted to group revisions, potential breakthroughs.


We alternate between the two sessions to get the most out of the program.


It is not necessary to join, but people who have shown up to both weekly sessions have seen the most significant breakthroughs and have continued to see consistent improvement after the program. 


During this second session, you are welcome to share what you've been experiencing as well as the challenges or breakthroughs you have had. If you're stuck with homework, this is where you get to pick  T i's brain, ask feedback from the other members in your group, or have profound, insightful breakthroughs, if necessary. 

If you'd like to dive even deeper, I offer a deluxe package, where you are enrolled in both weekly group sessions as well as private 1-on-1 deep-dive sessions. During these tailor-made sessions, we will dive deep into specific areas with which you may have partial issues; topics have included business coaching, intuitive development, past life issues, family or other trauma-related challenges.


This is a 'High Ticket Course' and will not be for everyone's budget. About 54% of students have chosen this path with a payment plan. Please know life can happen and should Tui be sick or unavailable to teach for whatever reason she will add on sessions - so you do not miss a thing.

The Outcome

- Own your human flaws without judgement and fall deeply in love with yourself

- Understanding how and why you operate the way you do

- Have confidence moving forward, knowing that you're okay

- Feeling understood and compassionate to Self & Spirit

- New perspective on life embodying unconditional love

- Accountability & understanding the lesson you are here to learn in this lifetime.

- Know how to navigate your way through your own Shadow work

- Know and understand a variety of grounding techniques

- How to read personal, environmental and universal energy

- Unique systems, processes & tools to connect, control & master your energy & intuition.

- Knowledge about different Spirit Guides, Ascended masters, Angels, etc. & their purpose.

- How to ask the right questions to get the best answers

- Having a sense of calm, connection, clarity and trust within yourself

- Identify Strength in Vulnerability

- Having more clarity and confidence with communicating your boundaries, your feelings and you desires.