Spiritual Development


Spiritual Development

I'm Tui, one of your mentors/guides & the founder of ORA.  I am an expert in many fields, but I really see myself as a concierge, opening up the doors of possibilities to a world that you don't yet know exists. 

I have worked with the best of the best in the industry; Lisa Williams, James van Praagh, Max Cooper & Tony Stockwell, to name a few.  During my time with these incredible people, I learned the different techniques that they use to connect with Spirit.

What I had to learn for myself however, was that despite what I was being told, these were not the be all and end all.  I came to understand that that there is no one-size-fits-all ‘right’ way to connect with Spirit.  A technique used by one master was not necessarily the best or only technique that could be used.

In fact, often I would find that these classes were simply confirmation of the lesson I had learnt directly from Spirit.  This gave me confidence that the techniques I was learning were the same calibre as the best of best in our industry. 

This is where my teaching style is different from others.

I have learnt that we all come with various tools from across all of our lifetimes, both past & present.  With this knowledge, we can tap into our own unique abilities to pass along the many different messages Spirit needs communicated. 

I personally do not have a linear view on Spirit and honour both the dark and light within Spirit & within our industry. I have learnt that my view is not unique but often not accepted in our mainstream spiritual industry. I wish to honour your journey with Spirit in whatever that may look like and empower you with the understanding of how to use your gifts, for both yourself and others advantage.

Our Rising Academy is built with the core belief that Spirit is multifaceted.  They are not just rainbows & sunshine, but also shades of light & dark.  When we see the completeness of it, we truly appreciate the true beauty of it.

It is my mission to empower as many light workers as I can

It's my privilege to teach people the techniques that I have learned & accumulated over the last decade.  These are techniques that I have honed, mastered & still use to this day. As your teacher & guide, I want to pass this sacred knowledge on to you whilst still nurturing & enhancing what makes you uniquely you.

The following are the three programs that I currently run to cater to peoples unique needs.

Practice and develop your psychic, intuitive and mediumistic abilities.

Mastering your unique intuitive craft

Expanding your Spiritual Map, Knowledge and vocabulary


 "Tui is so accepting of where you are at on your journey she just knows what to say and connect on your level there is absolutely no judgment she genuinely cares about her students, just surrender and give it a go and see what happens. I couldn’t  recommend Tui’s course enough her support and extensive knowledge is incredible, from my own transformation to watching my peers have epiphanies and watch them grow I’m honoured to be apart of this community, and one that’s so  not lead by ego or you’re doing it wrong or the stigma of I’m better than you, there is absolutely none of that we support each other, we feel safe enough to share on our shit days and we celebrate together on our good days I didn’t just learn some new tools I gained a whole community of like minded people that are absolute stunning amazing loving human beings." - RYTASHA S.

My teaching style 

according to my clients